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It's time to reclaim ALL your power. 


What do I want?

Being able to navigate your intimacy with confidence, identify which sexual choices feel authentic, pleasurable, joyful, and learn to build satisfying relationships you truly want in a life that TURNS YOU ON is a lifelong journey of lesson and blessing acquisition. 

Are you looking for love or to be loved fully?

Are you done with settling for shitty relationships?

Are you tired of being a people pleaser & not maintaining good boundaries?


Then it's time for you to exalt yourself as the GODDESS you deserve to be!

Regardless of your relationship status, you will learn to cultivate an elevated form of self-awareness and actualize your power within you and throughout your life. This is about reclaiming your power, your identity and your body. You will lean in deeply into yourself, and learn to receive experiences that ignite, elevate, connect, amplify and heal you - 111%. 

Let's talk, heart2heart.


Unsure which Program to enrol in?

 Book a "do we vibe" call to see which service with The EverYDay Goddess fits you best. 

Want to check out what programs we are currently offering?

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