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Join Carlen Costa DHS, MPH, RSSW, PAP an OCSWSSW Psychotherapist, Clinical Sexologist, Cannabis Coach & Psychedelics-Assisted Psychotherapist (PAP) for a16 week transformational life design therapy program using her unique lovework method.


Do you feel like you:

*could have more confidence and improve your self-esteem?

*are trying to fill a void with lovers, food, distractions and bullshit excuses?

*don't understand women, why they're mad all the time or what they're thinking, ever?

*want to be better, stronger and last longer in bed?


Then it's time for you to step into your power as the man you deserve to feel like. It's time to:

*conquer your life with confidence

*build satisfying and sexy relationships with your own unique blend of fuck fuel

*be less angry or annoyed about stupid shit in your life

*emote magnetism that attracts powerful and activated women that are ready to get turned on!

Do people tell you that you need to be better at communicating?

Do you have shit on your mind and in your heart that you don't know how to talk about?

Do you need help making sense of what you're thinking and feeling about some life stuff, right now?


If you feel like you don't really have anyone to talk to, or if you know you need to be better at communicating and making sense of what you're feeling, then you're ready to make a life changing and relationship shaking decision, The BraveHearts Program.


If you're really ready to have a meaningful connection that includes a delicious sex life, and meaningful communication, then let me show you how to turn your ju-ju around from 'this is lame' to 'I got mad EQ game'. (EQ = emotional intelligence)

After 16 weeks, you will be able to to:

*become more confident and feel more attractive 

*increase your magnetism and navigate how to be in satisfying and healthy relationships

*learn how to be a better communicator 

*learn how to set healthy boundaries

*fill your mental health toolbox with effective emotional intelligence skills

*be proud of your life, your body and the man that you are!

Let's talk about how you can connect with your emotions, your personal power and ignite yourself as the magnetic man you deserve to feel like, every single day.

If that's what you want, then this is the program for you:

Join your therapist Carlen for a

16 week transformation to your life. 

In this program you will affirm your life weekly.

Weekly themes such as:


Week 2:  I Am A Man

We begin to set the tone of the sacred science framework we are working from, and identify that in order to find love, you have to be the love you seek. You must start to transform how you see herself and make the choice to exalt yourself as the Arthur, the man, the energy that you want to be powerful as. We tackle the bullshit pressures that define "what being a man" is and create a new definition for ourselves. 



Week 3: I Am Loved

We establish what you value, identify what your ideal relationship would look like and why your usual scarcity mindset and loneliness keeps you from your own elevation and ability to attract or be in an ideal partner or relationship. 



Week 4: I Am Not A Donkey, I Am Worthy

Where we recognize that you need to let go of carrying other people’s expectations, or the “shoulds” of your life. You will stop thinking your feelings and start acknowledging that you have them and what they are. This is where we set the tone for activating your power.  


Week 6: I Am My Body

Where your pleasure and body is realized as the portal to your sacred masculine and strength which usher you into owning your own voice and body. A man who can wield his sexual power, is the most charismatic and effective man in the room. 

The BraveHearts Program is for men who have tried everything to feel confident and understanding in their relationships; whether they are lovers, friendships, coworkers or partners. This program is for mxn/men who are looking to elevate their self-worth, self-esteem and inner power. It's for men who are looking to be the most magnetic man in the room. It's for men who are looking to heal and to stop riding passenger to the ride of their life story. 

Don't need to talk about it?
Join the program now:

Included are:

*8 individual, bi-weekly therapy sessions

*Weekly emotional intelligence exercises, we call lovework, to help you understand your emotional blocks and to get clear about what you want in your relationships

*Weekly readings & audio to help you focus on what to reflect upon

*Daily text and email support with your therapist, as needed

*A welcome package with awesome goodies, to wear as your love armour through this process


Let's talk about how you can connect with your personal power and ignite yourself as the magnetic man you deserve to feel like, every single day.

Have more questions before you get started? Book a free "Do We Vibe?" discovery call to chat about how to get begin this growth journey:

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