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Cannabis Therapy Sessions

The Everyday Goddess® offers unique cannabis coaching sessions that are designed to empower everyone in their exploration of the plant medicine. From integration care, to mental health and trauma-informed support, we are experts in providing comprehensive and safe access to the healing power of cannabis.


In Cannabis Therapy sessions, we offer trauma-informed, integrative cannabis-based coaching to help you get out of your head and back into your body. Whether it's to help manage mental health issues or to work through old traumas, we use an embodied approach to help you feel your feelings and integrate them into your life.


Sessions cover topics such as:

- which products are best for you

- how to best consume/apply cannabis for you

- how to negotiate consumption with your partner

- how to use cannabis that is compatible with your mental health

- Session where you can consume cannabis and enjoying a deep listening & therapeutic  integration session


Through our sessions, you can learn to better understand your relationship to cannabis and how it can be utilized to support your healing journey. We strive to provide a safe, non-judgmental space to explore the use of plant medicine in relationship to your mental health.

Want to start on your own?

Take a look 'LoveStoned: Sex & Cannabis 101 Workshop' our sex & cannabis self-paced workshop that can get your started!

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