It's time to ignite that BIG CLIT ENERGY & stop settling for shitty relationships, 

low self-esteem, poor body image issues, and mediocre life confidence. 

If you're ready to flow, to focus, to feel, to grow and rally that big clit energy for yourself, then you've come to the right place. 

It's The Sex for Breakfast Club is a life design community, where I'll be with you everyday supporting you on your journey to become the Goddess you deserve to be. We are going to glow you up and ignite power, confidence and pleasure within and around you. 

You are going to know your body and real pleasure; to own your orgasm as the Goddess you deserve to be. 

The S4BC is a life design community from The Everyday Goddess™, where you will receive daily blessings in:

*fitness and movement

*astrology and sacred intuition

*nutrition and recipes from professional chefs

*holistic health

*fashion and beauty

*relationships and love

*sex and intimacy

*lovework exercises and tools, to flex your heart muscle as developed by

Carlen Costa, Clinical Sexologist & Psychotherapist

*PLUS! Live coaching sessions for all members!


It's time to live like the Goddess, you deserve to be &

own your orgasm in THE SEX FOR BREAKFAST CLUB!