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1 Million Orgasms Goes Worldwide!

I'm on a mission to crush the orgasm gap and normalize healthy conversations about women's pleasure worldwide.

How? By encouraging women to count their orgasms, with the goal of reaching one million orgasms worldwide.

I've launched a digital tracker to help us all keep note of how much we’re cumming!

Additionally, I'm advocating for women to masturbate: ‘Women don’t need men for pleasure. ‘If masturbation isn’t a part of your self-care routine, then you are doing it wrong. It stabilises your mood, raises your self-esteem and feels good.

‘I’m collecting women’s orgasms to celebrate each and every one of them. I preach that women should own their orgasm.

Why is this important?

"A 2014 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that heterosexual women orgasm 63% of the time with a familiar partner, whereas men orgasm 85% of the time with a familiar partner. A 2017 study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found even further discrepancy, with straight women reaching orgasm 65% of the time and straight men reaching orgasm 95% of the time."

When it comes to casual sex, the numbers are even more extreme. A 2012 study in the American Sociological Review found that roughly 40% of women said they climaxed during their last hookup, compared to 80% of men.

In a society where women’s sexuality is shameful or seen through the male gaze, I encourage self-love and masturbation so women can normalise and prioritise their pleasure without even needing to involve a partner.

It is radical activism and a huge pleasure activation to have women counting their orgasms and sharing that data as another way to celebrate their sexuality and practice self-care.

More orgasms also means more success!

We know that orgasm produces happy hormones and can benefit both physical and mental health, and I believe that it can introduce success in your life too.

Success starts with the investments you make in yourself – how you feel, how you look, how you show up for yourself, I recently said on the Business Babies and Bossing It podcast.

There is a high ratio of return in masturbation, no waiting around for someone to get it right – you can be efficient and completely selfish.

Knowing you are a powerful, sexual woman gives you such a great energy that is contagious to be around.

Submit your orgasms here and help us radicalize love worldwide!

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