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Anxiety, Calming Techniques (Part 2)

Want to chill out your anxiety? 🥶

Use these techniques to exercise your vagus nerve, which is known as the longest cranial nerve in your body.

🧠 The VN connects your brain to many important organs throughout the body, including the gut (intestines, stomach), heart and lungs. It is also a key part of your parasympathetic “rest and digest” nervous system and directly influences your breathing, digestive function and heart rate, which we know all have a huge impact on your mental health.

🤩Stimulating your vagus nerve is called vagal toning which is an internal biological process that represents the activity of the vagus nerve. Its activation is how you develop a healthy stress response and become resilient. When stimulated, you feel calmer, more compassionate, and clearer.

❤️‍🔥Increasing your vagal tone activates the parasympathetic nervous system increases your tone, which means that your body can relax faster after stress.

📈Into tracking stuff? Your vagal tone can be measured by tracking certain biological processes such as your heart rate, your breathing rate, and your heart rate variability (HRV).

If you’re vagal tone is low, don’t worry - you can take steps to increase it by stimulating your vagus nerve with the techniques here on each slide, or in my previous post.

🧸These exercises will allow you to more effectively respond to the emotional and physiological symptoms of your current mental health status; meaning you and your anxiety chill TF out.

👉👉Swipe to see these exercises & check out my previous post for more #anxietyrelief techniques.


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