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Anxiety Common Symptoms

Anxiety is more than just worrying, being stressed or nervousness.

😬Anxiety can be debilitating and, no amount of masking can hide its impact on you emotionally or physically. Your body will seek to compensate for what’s it’s feeling, whether you face it or try to hide it.

🤬When we attack or reject our anxiousness, instead of learning to face it or integrate it, you end up rejecting yourself more… which causes more anxiety.

❤️‍🔥Anxiety is a parasympathetic translator of trauma stored in your body, that can feel like it’s coming from your mind. It is symptomology that gradually builds over time, that can last and be persistent over days, weeks or months, that stem generally, from a specific trigger (regardless of how small it is).

👧When you were a kid, and you became overwhelmed, you may not have had someone to talk to about it, had emotionally distant parents, or for some reason you learned to take your traumas and dramas and stuff them deep down inside of you as a defence mechanism. Then, you learned to mask by putting on a happy face, people pleasing and pretending that nothing was wrong, or that your feelings weren’t valid - because it was reinforced that they weren’t.

👩🏽‍🦰As an adult, you learned to stay in your head and dissociate from your body. You learned to numb what your body feels and leaned on overthinking, worry and minimizing as a way to avoid “causing problems”, avoid the pain stored in your body, and avoid the pain of your story.

🧨Anxiety is an alarm for our unresolved trauma trapped inside, for our feelings of rejection to deal with, or that we have been distracting ourselves from our true desires. It is correlated to anticipatory energy left unaddressed.

🩺What to do?

Attach, don’t detach.

Here’s a technique:

❤️‍🔥When you feel anxious, take a moment, find the “alarming sensation” in your body. Put your hand over the area you feel discomfort and mindfully, breathe into that space. Breathing slowly in through your mouth and out through your nose. Light tapping, circle rubs, slight pressure all brings us back to a state of presence, to the acceptance of our own compassionate touch.

👉👉👉Looking for mindful anxiety support? Check out our mini Anxiety & People Pleasing Program available here:

❤️✌🏼love you #sohard

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