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CannaBasics Toolkit

I hope you enjoy my digital toolkit, to help you make your cannabis experience amazing.

Want to know how to use the toolkit?

In the digital toolkit, you're going to receive the absolute best knowledge of how to best incorporate cannabis into your current lifestyle. The advice is unprecedented, but then again, so was legalization! There's something to be said about having the knowledge and another for knowing what to do with it. Book a Cannabis Coaching session with me to receive a personalized integration plan and learn how to use cannabis safely, while still thoroughly enjoying its benefits. Be the master of your own health - a coaching session will help you:

  • Understand cannabis terpene profiles to understand what strains of cannabis work best for you, everytime. 

  • Curate a holistic supplement plan to superboost the health benefits of using cannabis.

  • Make a plan that is easy to integrate in your now lifestyle that considers your physical, mental and social health. 

For direction on how to apply this toolkit in your life, book a Cannabis Coaching session with me HERE.

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