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Goal Setting Life Hack

Why would I buy new gym clothes, before I ever, even worked out?

Why would I buy a new bike, when I need to learn how to stay motivated to even use the old one?

👑When we look at #goalsetting you may be setting yourself up for failure, before you even begin.

💪🏽 When I started working out @thereproomlondon ❤️ I knew I needed to try something different. I tried time and time again to stick to a program, a gym a workout routine and - I failed everytime. So, this time, I tried something different.

👟 This time, I used the old running shoes that I had dismissed to the back of my closet, I came in with old T-shirts and raggedy pants that I used to bum around the house with and I just SHOWED UP.

👸🏻The result? I’ve been showing up for over 1 year, which is the longest I’ve EVER stuck to a physical program 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 and for me, that’s huge.

🤷🏻‍♀️WHY HAVE I BEEN SUCCESSFUL THUS FAR? Well, partly because I hacked my patterns, changed them, and rewired myself based on the learning principles of motivation. To achieve a goal, we must look at our MOTIVATION & REWARD SYSTEM.

Are you rewarding yourself, before you’ve even achieved the goal? That’s your problem. 🧨 I used to start a new program, buy all this new gear and then FAIL at sticking to it. Why? Because I rewarded myself before I even accomplished anything.

🧠 Your brain doesn’t like that. Your motivation doesn’t like that. There is no meaning associated with something you haven’t worked for, so it’s easy to just walk away from it.


❤️So, if you’re looking to “start something new” or achieve a new goal, do it with what you HAVE & stop worrying about what you HAVE NOT - get out there, learn your body, your mind, you skillset, reprogram your motivation based on your actual intentions and JUST START (without the new bells, whistles, toys and shoes, because they don’t mean anything to you anyways).

❤️✌🏼Love you, #sohard

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