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I Like Me.

I like me.❤️

You’re the one who is going to have to get used to it.✌🏼

🌙I don’t think we give enough weight of appreciation for the constant battle of “being liked”.

🤗With my patients, we talk A LOT about #selflove and what that means. I ask people to look in the mirror and say #iloveyou 3X, then we talk about it.

👏 Yes. Let’s keep talking abt the layers and obliterate the shame in our relationship with love.

😊Before love however, comes like.

Do you even LIKE yourself?

Would you be friends with you?

Do you show up how and when it matters for yourself and others?

📚 @merriamwebster says that LIKABILITY is: “having qualities that bring abt a favourable regard; pleasant, agreeable”.

🔥TBH I don’t think you have to be pleasant or nice all the time to deserve being liked #peoplepleasing but I do think you have to sometimes try exercising vulnerability to get there, especially when it comes to liking yourself.

Psychosocially speaking, being liked, is a matter of exercising & learning #emotionalintelligence skills

🌱What does that look like?

Well, @ucla studied “being liked” as reported by @forbes and found top-rated social adjectives in rel’shp to likability were: sincerity, transparency & empathy.

👍🏼What does that look like? (As behaviours)

- actively listening & participation in conversation by asking questions

- put away the phone & be present

- not passing judgment

- being consistent & regulating your moods so that it doesn’t affect how you treat people

- greet people by their name

- use positive body language

🤗This is great for others, but do you ACT like you like YOURSELF in this way?

🥸Do you, take time to listen to yourself & honour what you need? Do you put away your phone and give yourself the gift of presence? Do you make peace to stop judging yourself? Do you recognize that emotions are meaningful, yet temporary? Do you speak to yourself with kindness? Do you nurture the relationship with your body?

👑Basically, do you like yourself?

We can go on about love, but let’s start with like and rebuild our roots there.

❤️✌🏼Love you, #sohard


The Everyday Goddess

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