Job Opportunity: Part-time Graphic Designer/Content Strategist

We are currently hiring a part-time/casual Graphic Designer/Content Strategist. This is an entry level position/side hustle hours, with the potential for growth with time. See details below for more information.

The Everyday Goddess® is a radical love and lifestyle brand that empowers you to feel good about feeling good. It’s unfortunate, but some people would rather choose an uninspired life than do the work to realize their personal power. We are not those people. We love big, often and so hard.

The CEO of TEG is Carlen Costa, is a Clinical Sexologist, Psychotherapist & Cannabis Educator who teaches people how to love better, own the power of their orgasm and get accountable with their lifestyle choices. She is looking to recruit a super rad Graphic Designer who also happens to be an awesome Content Strategist for social platforms. Carlen needs her creative partner in crime, that is interested to help heal the world, one heart at time and knows how to make her vision come to life.

Working with Carlen means you’re not an arseh*le of a human. You’re not afraid of the word “feminism”, you are aligned and believe in the #BLM movement, are prochoice, practice active consent, are comfortable talking about highly intimate, safer sex and emotionally intelligent topics, and believe in an inclusive and diverse work space, in all the ways that that means here in Canada.

If you share the same passion for magic, plant medicine, Carl Jung and dildoes, and want to do amazing things, then you will love it here.

Primary Responsibilities

• Design print & digital pieces including but not limited to: print material (promo cards, biz cards, retail items), digital ads (social, web), digital assets for clients, email and various web assets.

• Schedule and implement an online content strategy directed to Instagram, Facebook groups and YouTube.

• Some basic, short video editing for Instagram and YouTube

• As part of the creative team bring concept ideas to life that inspires people to sign-up for TEG’s therapeutic programs or social club, increase followers, and maintain high level social engagement


• You must have a portfolio that highlights your talent.

• You have a high level of skill in design for print, digital, web, and multimedia

• Great attention to detail, pride in your work, and possess the ability to thrive in a dynamic, collaborative, fast-paced environment.

• Works well both independently and doesn’t need to be micro-managed. Can manage your time and communicate realistic timelines for projects.

• Demonstrated ability to problem solve and figure things out. Must have an excellent sense of humour and wit.

Additional Assets

• Photography & photo retouching and post-production

• Instagram/Facebook social media management and strategy

• SEO optimization proficiency

• Proficiency in presentation software (e.g. PowerPoint, Keynote)

• Facebook / Instagram ads

• Any other relevant skills? Let us know!

Compensation and perks

• This is currently an hourly contract position ($20/hour) with the opportunity to mature as the brand matures.

• Access to products, promotions and potential media opportunities, including potential paid travel with the brand as the world opens up again.

• Work from home and deliver all projects online

Please send resumes, cover letters and a small sample of your portfolio to

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