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Latitude Magazine: Sexpot Feature, Cannabis and Sex

To give you a sense of what the whole magazine is about (besides your contribution) I have put the Editor’s Letter below.


Welcome to the new Latitude, we’re thrilled to have you scroll through our pages – we think you’ll find them beautiful and inspiring. A globally Canadian magazine, LAT reflects the huge shift in culture caused by the myriad possibilities contained in a seemingly simple plant.

Of course, not every article is about cannabis, which is just one aspect of our multifaceted lives. In our first issue, “The Freedom Issue,” we explore the shimmering new latitude we now inhabit: Profiling women as diverse and inspiring as reporter Robyn Doolittle, Inuk face mask artist Laakkaluk Bathory and actor/director Dolly Wells who surprised everyone, including herself, by finding career success in her forties. We let first class journalists write about their own experiences with cannabis post-legalization, from Kate Rae extolling the virtues of ‘girl weed’ for her 40-something anxiety, to Lora Grady talking about the pain relief CBD gave her and her mother for their degenerative bone condition.

The design of LAT mimics the evolution of cannabis’s journey from fringe to mainstream. Some of the most inspiring photographers and writers have contributed their creativity to this issue. Their combined forces have made LAT more than a magazine. It is an attitude forward, a way of being, a place of exploration — and a glimpse into the new world that a potent little plant has made possible.

This is high frequency living. Enjoy.

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