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LoveStoned: Women, Weed & Wellness @The Dime on Wortley

Join Carlen Costa, DHS MPH ACS OCSWSSW Psychotherapist, Clinical Sexologist & Cannabis Educator for a night of women, weed and wellness. LoveStoned is an opportunity to learn more about how to improve your relationships, communication and the negotiation of cannabis use within it; learn how to intentionally use the right type of cannabis for you to have bigger orgasms, the best sex of your life and it's unique interactions with your hormones; plus, how to manage your mental and emotional wellness and, any intimate physical pain with cannabis.

The LoveStoned experience is an interactive talk influenced with submitted, anonymous questions by you, plus a special pricing shopping experience at The Dime on Wortley where you are supported to choose products that make the most sense based on your needs. Carlen and staff will be available for a personalized shopping experience at the end of the event.

PLUS! Receive an amazing wellness swag bag with Goddess gear and cannabis samples to take home and elevate the Goddess within you.

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