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Become a better man.

Because, you've actually got a lot going for you, but do you know that?

I wish you could you just drink from a magic cup & have all the courage & confidence that you need. Because the truth is, you want to become a better man, but where do you start? Well, when you feel like you've tried everything, it's easy to feel defeated. However you don't have to keep searching for the Holy Grail any longer, because you've found it. My magic is that I help hopeless guys, become confident men. I'm Goddess Carlen, aka your Merlin. (wait, you didn't know Merlin was actually a woman?) As a Clinical Sexologist & Psychotherapist, I've worked with men for over ten years, supporting them to become the best versions of themselves.  I have found that one of the most successful ways to therapeutically support men in their quest to confidence is in his bold and courageous unification with other men, on similar quests. Like the arthurian knights of the round table, we unite in fellowship to slay the demons that keep us from feeling powerful, as the men we deserve to be.  and, Arthur - the truth of this quest is that YOUR problem is you've either tried everything to turn yourself on or you don't even know where to start. you might even be feeling kind of numb about it all now, to be honest... ...and the stuff you loved, no longer feels that good, the food you eat is just kind of okay, you've put on some weight, you're not sleeping the best, and your love life is well, kind of sad.  ​​

I know that You want to feel good, Arthur. You want to feel sexy.

You want to feel confident. you want to feel good about flirting with that hottie. you would love to slay some hearts with your excalibur, wouldn't you, Arthur? YOU WANT TO BE ABLE TO SHOW UP CONFIDENTLY TO EVERYONE, ESPECIALLY WOMEN.  YOU WANT TO SPEAK WITH CONVICTION. YOU WANT TO FACE YOUR DESTINY, CLAIM YOUR SWORD and SIT AT THE TABLE OF MEN.

Yes! I'm ready to claim my seat

You know who else wanted to be a better man?​ Arthur Pendragon.  His destiny, from a young age, led him to find Excalibur (or did Excalibur find him?), defeat wars against the Saxons and without hesitation, quest for the Holy Grail. You can defeat your own demons. You can claim your Excalibur. This is just the beginning of your quest. Become a man of confidence and join The Round Table. It's The Round Table is a life design community, where I'll be with you everyday supporting you on your journey to become the Arthur you deserve to be. Me and some key Knights of the Table are going to hold you up and ignite power, confidence and pleasure, fully within and around you.  The RT is a life design community from The Everyday Goddess™, where you will receive daily gold in: *motivation and life hacks  *medically directed health advice from MD's specific to men's health *nutrition and recipes from professional chefs *access to holistic health advice *weekly mental health support *sex, intimacy and relationship support, tips and advice *access to an incredible perks package with lifestyle services directly for men *weekly lovework exercises and tools, to flex your heart muscle as developed by Carlen Costa, Clinical Sexologist & Psychotherapist *INCLUDED! Weekly LIVE coaching sessions for all members! It's time to begin your journey, Arthur.  you deserve to become the King of your castle and claim your seat at one of the most powerful tables you could be part of.  Own your confidence and experience the power of THE ROUND TABLE.

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