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What your vaginal secretions mean

Summer heat means your yoni needs some extra attention to help her BREATHE and, as the most powerful self-cleaning oven on earth, She gives you consistent clues as to what she’s going through, daily. 🍓🌞🍓🌞⠀

💦Cue, pussy juice. Every human with a pussy can relate to the feeling of sitting down to pee, looking at your panties and asking yourself, “is this normal?”. Panty stains are such a thing. I know the first time I passed a mucous plug, I was like “OMGoddess! WTF is that!?!?!”. The comforting news is that, unless you are experiencing: itching, pain, strong, foul odours, bleeding that’s unrelated to your period, or releasing thick, textured discharge, everything She does, is totally normal and healthy. ⠀

🎨 And, although everything is normal, it’s still a good thing to have a conversation and know what exactly your daily secretions mean.

Think of this like the Pantone guide to your pussy. ⠀

🟡1.Pale yellow to neon green: very light yellow discharge is normal for some, however if you haven’t started any new supplements, or changed your diet recently, yellow-green will often come with odour or discomfort which could mean a bacterial infection like yeast, chlamydia, or BV (if grey or dark)⠀

🟤2.Red Brown: could be the onset of your menstrual cycle, however some pussies experience spotting or menstrual irregularities from birth control or hormonal changes. If prolonged or accompanied by pain, see your Doc to rule out vaginal infection⠀

🔵3.Clear: whitish, egg-white, and clear fluid are all normal. Between ovulation and arousal, as your vagina hormonally flexes or dilates, it is normal to have some fluid discharge⠀

⚪️4.White: most white discharge is normal, especially if you’ve been really aroused, lately. However discomfort and clumps, accompanied with odour, could mean you have an infection and require treatment⠀

🔴5.Light pink: some pussies discharge fluid and light bleeding after sex, periodically. Or, when spotting pre-period. If it persists, see your Doc to rule out cervical issues

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