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What do I want?

You might suck at being in relationships.

You might suck at talking to women. 

You might suck at understanding what women really want. 

But - you do know you want to be with a Goddess; a powerful & activated woman. 

Well, stop sucking and become magnetic as the desirable man that is confident, emotionally intelligent AND knows how to turn a woman on; become a BraveHeart

Signing up to work with Carlen Costa, The Everyday Goddess™ means that you will learn how to better be able to navigate your personal intimacy and relationships with confidence, become a magnet for desire, learn how to communicate, improve your self-esteem, your emotional intelligence and learn to build satisfying relationships you truly want in a life that TURNS YOU ON.

You've tried it all, now try something that works. 

You need to try letting a woman tell you what women actually want. 


Refuse to quit on yourself! Chose instead to elevate yourself as the BRAVEHEART you deserve to be!

By choosing to work with us, regardless of your relationship status, you will learn to cultivate your own sexual self-awareness and actualize your power within you and throughout your life. This is about reclaiming your confidence, your identity and your power. You will lean deeply into yourself, and learn to receive experiences that elevate, connect, expand and heal you fully - 111%. 

Let's talk, heart2heart.

Friends in Staduim
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A 10 week transformational, life design therapy program that helps men get in touch with their emotions and learn how to express them in a healthy and productive way.

Do people tell you that you need to be better at communicating?

Do you have shit on your mind and in your heart that you don't know how to talk about?

Do you need help making sense of what you're thinking and feeling about some life stuff, right now?


If you feel like you don't really have anyone to talk to, or if you know you need to be better at communicating and making sense of what you're feeling, then you're ready to make a life changing and relationship shaking decision, The BraveHearts Program.


If you're really ready to have a meaningful connection that includes a delicious sex life, and meaningful communication, then let me show you how to turn your ju-ju around from 'this is lame' to 'I got mad EQ game'. (EQ = emotional intelligence)

After 10 weeks, you will be able to to:

*become more confident and attractive 

*increase your magnetism and navigate how to be in satisfying relationships

*learn how to be a better communicator 

*learn how to set healthy boundaries

*fill your mental health toolbox with effective emotional intelligence skills

*be proud of your life, your cock and the man that you are!

Let's talk about how you can connect with your emotions, your personal power and ignite yourself as the magnetic man you deserve to feel like, every single day.

Sign-up here:

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The Round Table is a life design community by The Everyday Goddess™ , based on the pillars of power and pleasure. It is for all mxn (men), regardless of their relationship status, looking to be in a community that enriches their ability to become desirable men that attract and love powerful women. 

As a knight of our Round Table, Carlen and her team will support you daily, weekly and monthly to have:


- BIGGER body confidence


- HEALTHY relationships

- FEEL confident & COMMAND the ju-ju energy within you

Be proud of your life, your soul, your cock and the man you are. 

Join The Round Table today:

Men on Beach

Unsure which Program to enrol in?

 Book a discovery call to see which service with The EverYDay Goddess fits you best. 

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