About Me

Carlen Costa is,

The Everyday Goddess, a Clinical Sexologist, 

OCSWSSW PsychotherapistCannabis Educator & Author. She has developed the integrated transformational therapy methodology to deliver her newest program, for women, Goddess, Glow-Up! She is registered with the American College of Sexologists, with her Masters of Public Health & Doctorate of Human Sexuality from the late, Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, San Francisco, as well as a registered Psychotherapist with the Ontario College of Social Workers & Social Service Workers. She wants you to love every aspect of your life. She hears, all too often, that people are not feeling confident about their bodies, are staying in unhealthy relationships with lovers, partners or friends and family. That they are not satisfied with their sex lives, are not satisfied with their own lives and, they also don’t know what to do about it!

Unapologetically Passionate.

Carlen has learned that the key to being present for the life you want to live and, the person you want to become, comes down to the relationship you have with yourself. If it comes down to you, then it starts with you.


It's time to say YES to the shift your life deserves. It’s time for you to own that the key to a greater sense of self-worth, a healthy body image and a more imaginative sex life begins with you saying YES to owning your own life, love and pleasure, in all of the delicious ways. 


Carlen supports you to shift your experience of the living process and live an unapologetically passionate life. 

Carlen Costa
The Best of Sex, Love, Relationships & Healthy Lifestyles. 

Carlen, primarily works in the field of sexology and addresses concerns for women, men and spectrum based gender identities in multiple ways, via the modality of talk therapy, her published written work and via live video, tv and radio.


Her current areas of interest are female sexuality, female intimacy and lifestyle, relational body image, as well as anxiety and trauma informed treatment, click her therapy page to see all areas of which she works.


Carlen's goal is to inspire you to nurture powerful attitudes to create healthy, happy & consensual relationships and values in not only your intimate lifestyle, but in your everyday life. This is all about learning how to communicate, behave, love and translate all aspects of your energy into satisfying balance in your life, by bringing more pleasure into your life — because that’s what you deserve.

You, my Goddess, deserve to be served. Own it.