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love harder. Set boundaries.

stop f*cking settling.


Are you ready for your emotional makeover?


The Everyday Goddess® is a life design community of radical love for

the embodiment of your personal power to elevate your pleasure and mental wealth.

You keep saying you want to “be in positive and healthy relationships”; but how can you be in a positive relationship with others when you are in negative relationship with yourself?


You treat yourself like crap (a lot), you keep meeting people who keep ghosting you, and you say “sorry” to other people wayyyy too often. If you’ve read the books, bought the crystals, went to a therapy session that one time and still feel lonely - it must be time to upgrade your EQ and activate your personal power, like a Goddess.

Learn more about our emotional makeover therapy programs, join the sex-positive, orgasm gap crushing, 1 Million Orgasms Movement or book a call below to find out if I'm the right therapist vibe for you.