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I have a new mission, and it's to empower

We firmly believe that when a woman owns her orgasm, she activates her most primal energy and becomes sexy, sassy and switched onto an untapped power within her.

It's the orgasmic optimization potential of owning your orgasm.

It's your pussy living her best life. #YESGoddess

love harder. manifest bigger. stop fucking settling. 

Be a woman who comes into her power. 

I'm going to show you how to love the fuck out of yourself again.

I want You to own your body and sexuality.

I want You to feel confident.

I want you to feel good about being naked in front of someone.

I want to help you navigatE how to use your sexuality.

I want you to want sex again. 


Are you ready to be a sexually powerful woman?

Your relationship with power,

is a mirror for your relationship with pleasure.

I'm Carlen Costa, a Clinical Sexologist, Psychotherapist &

Author of the Amazon #1 best-seller  

"Love: The Women's Guide to Not F*cking Settling

and, I help women elevate their power and have great fucking orgasms!

I've been in practice for almost 10 years, supporting

women to heal, grow and glow, one heart at a time.

I've combined my experiences, both personal and

professional to bring you this life design community,

The Everyday Goddess™

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 2.46.25 PM.png

I'm going to take you on an adventure...

having juicy sex, is part of it.

I need to build you up first.

I need to make you strong.

i need to ignite you from within.

because when you love yourself, you love others, better. 


the confidence that you desire,

is the final destination of this journey - through the pillars of power and pleasure. 

I know that you want to feel confident about the woman that you are, about the sex that you want, and about the relationships that you are in. 

I can help you become the confident woman that you deserve to be.


This is all related to my new mission.

My mission is to optimize and empower

1 million orgasms, worldwide, coast to coast, in every continent around the world. 

I want to empower women to have 1 million orgasms because sex is the most powerful energetic resource we have ample access to and, quite honestly, if you haven't tapped in, then you're wasting your potential to fully optimize and live your best life. 

Because your relationship with the power of pleasure, is the remedy to blast through blocks associated with:

-  mental health  

- physical health

- relationship blocks

- personal power activation

And, we need learn how to develop that relationship to elevate and reclaim our sexual power.

Welcome, to The Everyday Goddess. 

love you. so hard.

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The EVeryday Goddess

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