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2020 Vision, Your Year in Review

I find that when BIG things happen, it's important to take some time to reflect on the impact it had on you, your life, your emotional capacity, your physical body, your relationships and your spiritual self. When we do this, we better step into the power of what it means to be intentional and accountable for who you are. You become more powerful when you can acknowledge what it took to get you here. This year especially, it's not only important, it's historic.

2020 was a BIG thing that happened.

Before I leap into 2021, I've really needed to ground down and reflect on everything that 2020 brought me; the lessons, the blessings, the transformations and the transitions. So, I created 2 lovework exercises to help you do just that. I'm literally finishing up mine this week, so that I can step into 2021 clear, grounded and in the fullness of my power.

Click the link below to access your 2020 Vision, your year in review package, delivered directly to your inbox:

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