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Normalize Not Giving Up

Quite a few of my clients are in their 30s. Do you remember 30? I do. I had just broken up with a misguided man in a relationship that surprisingly became misaligned, the more we grew into who we wanted to become. I thought that they were my forever person - but it turns out, a few affairs, a secret drug habit & emotionally misinformed is not the type of human I wanted to build a life with.

I was 30. Just finished grad school, working FT at my job, PT in my new practice, our dog died months prior, and then I had to sell our house as “the dream” crumbled around me.

I cried on the kitchen floor, sitting on one of those squishy mats, with a bottle of wine, a couple fat joints, a box of tissues and a dog I had just rescued from a crack house because I needed something to love other than myself, for days. My life felt like it was over before it even had a chance to begin. My life felt like it was over at 30.

But, as one of my favourite humans @doulaofwords says: I trembled on.

I spent the last decade unlearning what I thought I wanted, trying on different skins to see what fit, committed to myself, making huge mistakes, saying things I shouldn’t have, running my mouth and sometimes being irresponsible. I also spent the last decade learning how to love myself & others better, applying lessons, being grateful for blessings, putting myself out there, winning, failing, prevailing, committing, unwinding, reconnecting, feeling, thinking, listening. I spent the last decade making myself the dreamy human that I empower myself to claim today and everyday.

My life didn’t end in my 30s.

In fact, the next chapter of my life is just about to get started and, I’m so fucking excited.😆 Normalize starting over. Normalize rediscovering yourself or your passions at every age. Normalize breaking up, starting over, falling in love, falling out of love, being a mess, pulling it together, falling apart, rising in power, learning your mind, learning your body, learning your needs, igniting your wants and LIVING the life you deserve at any age.

Because babes, it isn’t over until it’s over-so please, normalize never giving up.

Wanna talk about your next chapter? Book a therapy session today & let's start figuring out what that could look like here.

❤️✌🏼LY, #sohard

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