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Carlen Costa, The Everyday Goddess, be happy

Fierce femme, sassy wordsmith, Moon Goddess. 


I carry crystals in my bra, drizzle essential oils on my skin and follow the moon phases in my menstrual app. 


I'm a taco lover, truth seeker, evidence-based, dancing GF foodie, honey healer & adventure seeker. 

Watch my stories, and own my life.

Click below and level up what you think you know about this living process.  

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The Everyday Goddess® Live with Carlen examines the intersection of science and sacred to inform your daily lifestyle choices.


Carlen Costa is a Clinical Sexologist, Psychotherapist, CannaBabe, CEO of The Everyday Goddess® & The Goddess Foundation™. As best-selling Author of the book: "Love: The Women's Guide to Not Fucking Settling" working with Carlen engages you in an emotional makeover. She supports you to radically love yourself and experience orgasmic elevation to unleash a deeper relationship with your power, pleasure and peace, for magnanimous wholistic alignment.