The Goddess Foundation was founded by Carlen Costa in 2018.

This charitable foundation*  is the empowerment of women and girls in Canada by funding organizations and projects that seek to:

  • empower women to improve their health and lifestyle;

  • promote positive body image;

  • empower women in leadership;

  • work towards preventing gender-based violence; and

  • support sexual health and education initiatives.


The Foundation embraces an inclusive definition of women and girls that includes people who identify as women, girls, trans, genderqueer and gender non-binary. 

As this foundation begins to build and inspire change in our community, I look forward to sharing more information with you.

Applications for funding and guidelines of successful donees will become available in early 2019.  

If you have any questions, please email me directly:

*Registration as a charitable foundation is currently in progress. The Foundation is not a registered charity until charitable status is granted by the Canada Revenue Agency. No charitable tax receipts can be issued until after registration is complete.