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Whipped Feta Spread

HUGE hit at my #Christmasparty last night! This is definitely a new favourite for #partyfoodideas 🎉 and it was VERY easy to make.


  • 2 blocks of cream cheese

  • Minimum 454g of feta (but I used 618g) 😉

  • Spices: dried parsley, oregano, black pepper (basil optional)

  • Light and/or bold olive oil (both can be useful, but not necessary)

  • Crushed pistachios

  • Local honey


  • blend the cheese & spices in a food processor

  • Slowly add light olive oil to smooth mixture to preferred consistency

  • Refrigerate for an hour to set

  • Top with crushed pistachios, honey drizzle and bold olive oil to serve

  • Serve with toasted bread or warm pita

  • Serve cool or warm, personal preference


  • When blending cheese in food processor use a light olive oil & a bold one as topper.

  • I blended for smooth consistency, but can also be pulsed for a chunky time.

  • Don't use your KitchenAid mixer whipping attachment. I did that. It did not go well. Blend it, don't mix it.

  • Roasted red peppers or sundried tomatoes would also be delicious as toppers

  • could also be a great stuffing for chicken or on pasta

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