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Magic in the Mushrooms

Heyyyyyy Goddesses, Kings and Lovelies!

Are you ready to elevate your mind and experience a new standard of living?

Since cannabis legalization, psilocybin use for therapeutic purposes has been on the rise, and I forecast that legalization of its use will soon be also joining Canada's plant medicine apothecary; because really, can you keep plants illegal and police natural healing resources?

I recently posted the above video on my Instagram page, however, the auto-generated captions made some of the messaging inappropriate. This is why I've also created info blocks (seen below) outlining some important information that you need to know about psilocybin.

If you are interested in starting your own journey with adaptogens and psilocybin, check out Bright Future and enter promo code: CARLEN25 plus make an appointment with your MD or a trusted psychotherapist to discuss how you can integrate this powerful plant medicine into your life.

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