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Cervical Mucus

Cervical mucus is fluid or gel-like discharge from the cervix. 💦It’s more specific than just pussy juice. @plannedparenthood says “the hormones that control your menstrual cycle also make your cervix produce mucus — the gooey stuff on your cervix that comes out of your vagina as discharge. Your cervical mucus changes in color, texture, and amount during your menstrual cycle (especially around ovulation).”  Throughout a monthly menstrual cycle, the thickness and amount of cervical mucus changes. Hormones stimulate glands in the cervix to produce mucus, which is your body’s nifty way of telling you what’s up. ⠀

🍓If you’re a vagina-bearer like me, who is not on hormones/hormonal birth control, listening to my body and using a tracking app are how I best stay accountable and aware of what’s shaking in my pussy temple. ⠀

You can check your cervical mucus 3 ways:⠀

🧻 Wipe the opening of your vagina (BEFORE you pee) with white toilet paper to check the color and texture⠀

🩲Look at the color and texture of the discharge on your underwear.⠀

✌🏼Put clean fingers into your vagina, and then check the color/texture of the mucus on your fingers.⠀

👌The best way to feel the consistency of your mucus is rub it and pull it between your thumb and index finger. ⠀

🛸No, this is not gross. This is YOUR BODY. If your body grosses you out, then we have deeper seeded issues to talk about. ⠀

But, once you have access to your mucus, what does it mean? ⠀

💎Day 1-3: DRY: after your period, you may have “dry days”, with no mucus. That’s normal.⠀

💎Day 4-6: STICKY: whiteish/yellowish, sticky, gummy globs. Typically, non-fertile days.⠀

💎Day 7-9: CREAMY: creamy, cloudy, thick. You egg is ripening and ovulation is on its way.⠀

💎Day 10-14: EGGY: resembles raw egg whites, stretchy, slippery, abundant. You’re super fertile now, and could be for a few days following. Your egg lives one day, but their swimmers can live up to 5 days inside of you. ⠀

💎Day 10-17: WATERY: clear, light milky, wet and slippery, soaks into your panties (and not just because you’ve been aroused all day). You are most fertile now.

🥰Know her. Love her. Be about her.

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