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Love & Light is Bypassing

Remember, you’re human too, not JUST a soul having a human experience. You are both. #transcendduality

❤️‍🩹Here’s why the #goodvibesonly #loveandlight rhetoric can be problematic:

- It’s emotional bypassing. Not everyday is a “happy day” for everyone. Not everyday is a “light” day and this perpetuation convinces people there is an emotional aesthetic we must aspire to be seen or supported #toxic

- It enforces a mask for real #mentalhealthawareness especially in neurodivergence that people claim instead of getting access to real support

- Enforces the patriarchal thumb that women can’t have nor express the range of emotions, w/out judgment, criticism or being tagged as bad women

- It clusters the human experience of value by pinning people, healers, magikal creatures against one other by intensifying the good/bad binary

- It’s usually followed by whyte washed privileged BS of people who exchange with the earth, but neglect the necessary anti-racism work their white buffalo sage calls of them for the people who’s practices we stole.

- It enforces a purity mindset that the “divine feminine” is white, light, clear and pure (just like the problematic virginity discourse), that women are only worthy of your circle/friendship if they obey and are deemed “good”

- Also, it’s a lie. The DF is dark & might. She is a force that births worlds through blood. She is not a f%cking flit of a moment. She is an imprint on your soul.

- It dismisses the human & soul cycles of healing to lead people in thinking that healing has an endpoint, rather than being the valid checkpoints as part of the unfolding journey of life

- It perpetuates a colonized beauty standard of white/lightness & seeks to eradicate the pure power of tonal darkness, whether in skin, emotion, or experience.

👑And, this is just what I came up with off the top of my head.

☀️If you’re feeling lost, maybe it’s because you’ve been dismissing some of your real; the real parts of you, the real experiences of your story, the real choices that you need to make or need space to be revealed. #realtalk

🗣If you want real, then let’s talk. #psychotherapist

❤️✌🏼love you, #sohard

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