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I Love You Challenge

It’s the annual self-love challenge, during the month of love. ❤️❤️❤️

Are you feeling lonely? Are you feeling numb or disconnected from the people in your life? Or, are you just feeling really angry like, all the time?

🤩If you feel like you need a bit of a break 'from your life' join us here for the entire month of February and try something you haven't done for yourself in a long ass time - take care of yourself, first and it only costs $33💰

☀️Your daily mission is this:

🔅Read your daily Heart2Heart email which includes prompts for reflections, lovework exercises, videos and, a special private group hang with Carlen that includes a meditation and heart2heart chat (she may even pull your cards!).

🔅Carlen’s daily lovework is designed to exercise your emotional heart muscle to create a deeper relationship with your self awareness and emotional intelligence skills.

🔅As well, choose to join us daily on Instagram Live where Carlen and you will be invoking some BIG LOVE by saying our "I love you's" together every single day. 🔅An added perk is that you will get access to the videos off the ‘Gram and ICYMI can stream at your leisure. I totally picture a Sunday love-video cram session for some of you!


- daily exercises, reflections, lovework

- an exclusive online session with Carlen for participants only

- access to daily ILU videos to stream at your convenience

- promo codes, seggsy prizes & a few other surprises 😉

❣️Sign-up available now on my website:

‼️Let's make some love, some BIG LOVE BABEZ and, it all starts here with you. It's like therapy, but is kind of actually more like hanging out with your new emotionally available BFF.

Let's take the steps towards the freedom that #selflove activates within you.

See you on the other side of love ❤

❣️Sign-up available now for February 1st start-date at:

❤️Love you (first) #sohard

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