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She’s a 10, but…

A few clients of mine are in new relationships.😻They’re a couple months in, and have come to session this week with me and professed: “I don’t want to lose this, how can I make sure I don’t?”

My Goddess I love the people I work with.🤗 What this statement presupposes is that there is something wrong with you - what you want, who you are, what you need - that needs to be managed or controlled; because how is it even fathomable that ALL the big, beautiful, messy parts of you, (some that even scare yourself) be fully loved by someone?

👑Babe, you are not broken.

Babe, you are not unworthy of great love.

Babe, everything that you are, have been and need(ed) to be is so beautiful that it all deserves to be seen, celebrated and held with the kindest hands and the strongest hearts.

🐯I am this person too. Someone with a big heart that has had it violently ripped out of my rib cage and displayed with contempt, then stomped and burned all over, again, and again, and again, and yet - I’m still out here available to be loved, fighting for what my soul, my body and my wholeness deserves. Radically learning all the parts of myself. Forgiving my own existence as the stain it often felt it was. Holding my own heart, on its own pedestal, because that’s where she belongs.

Every scar, every story, every stretch mark.

Every bad decision, big mistake or betrayal.

Every battle overcome, yet to come or not yet done — is beautiful.

😻You are beautiful. In fact, you’re a 10 across all scoring boards and, if you want to be loved then you will have to be patient with yourself, extend compassion to yourself and allow just a little space (one step at a time) to the person who wants to be next to you & hold you up WITH you.

🫶🏼Thank you to the people who are patient, kind and honest with one another, especially as they navigate new relationships. Some of us have never been loved right, but we’re ready to be.

If you're ready to be loved, then it's time to book an appointment with me. Let's learn how to let more love of ourselves and from others, in.

❤️✌🏼Love you, #sohard

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