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Join The Everyday Goddess® for a 10 week, transformational, integrative 1:1 talk therapy program to ignite, elevate and amplify the conscious embodiment of your power, boundaries and relationships.

Do you feel like you:

*are a people pleaser

*are disconnected from your body and your sexuality

*are trying to fill a void with lovers, food, distractions and excuses

*will never be a meaningful relationship or feel real love

*are done with settling for shitty relationships

Then it's time for you to GLOW-UP Goddess!

*conquer your life with confidence

*build satisfying relationships you truly want 

*learn to communicate and stick to your boundaries

*unapologetically embrace your womanness as the Goddess you are meant to be

Then this is the program for you. 

Join Carlen, The Everyday Goddess for a

10 week emotional makeover that will change your life.

In this program you will affirm your life weekly.

Weekly themes such as:


Week 1:  I Am A Goddess

We check-in about where you are at and dentify that in order to find love, you have to be the love you seek. You must start to bring awareness of how you see yourself and identify your wants. This is about establishing the rhythm of how you want to move in the world as a sacred and powerful woman.



Week 3: I Am My Choices

We must establish what you value, identify what your ideal relationships with all your people, look like and why your usual scarcity mindset and loneliness keeps you from your own elevation and ability to attract or be in healthy relationships.



Week 4: I Am Not A Donkey

Where we recognize that you need to let go of carrying other people’s expectations, or the “shoulds” of your life. You will stop thinking your feelings of how others tell you, you are supposed to feel. This is where we set your own tone for self-love, self-worship and self-pleasure. 


Week 6: I Am Juicy

Where your pleasure and body is realized as the portal to your sacred feminine and strength which usher you into owning your own voice and body. A sexually charged woman is an exceptionally powerful woman, indeed. 

The Goddess Program is for women who have tried everything to reclaim their power, bodies, boundaries and all of their relationships; whether they are lovers, friendships, coworkers or partners. This program is for women who are looking to elevate their self-worth, self-esteem and power. It's for women who are looking to be the most confident woman in the room. It's for women who are looking to heal and to stop being the wallflower in their life story and become as confident and as brazen as a Goddess.