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Do you wanna hear a podcast?

No, no.

I'm not starting a podcast... although you can watch my monthly interviews on at my YouTube channel, The Everyday Goddess Live. I actually just went live last night, with Georgia Sapounas, Digital Director of the Cleveland Cavaliers, 3X Olympics Committee Member and 2X Bronze World Figure Skating Champion. We chatted about the unique experience of women in professional sports and what it takes to make it to the top!

On another note, if that doesn't interest you, I have however, been hanging out with some other incredible people and getting involved in their podcasts! It's been a really fun time. I've been on the FML Talk pod with Gabrielle Stone, Over 40 Alpha pod with Funk Roberts and, on with Sarah Merrill of Big Kid Problems.

I've been chatting about everything from my sex life, to your sex life, to cannabis, mental health and so, so, SO much more. Click the button below to take a little trip to my Media page where you can access all the podcasts you desire.

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