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How to care for your vagina

Bacterial vaginosis, (the exceptionally common imbalance of the naturally-occurring, healthy bacteria, called micro-flora, found in the vagina or internal genitals) will affect 1/3 of humans with vaginas🌸When conditions change, in and around Her, certain bacteria can increase and create symptoms that are not very comfortable to experience, such as greyish discharge and odour. 👩🏽‍⚕️Here’s the DL according to @canesten : “Your vagina is normally acidic (pH), which helps prevent bad bacteria from growing and maintains the level of good bacteria called lactobacillus. Different factors can affect the pH balance of your vagina, including getting your period, taking antibiotics, over-washing, using an IUD (intrauterine device) and semen if you have sex without a condom. The imbalance of your pH can be accompanied by overgrowth of anaerobic organisms that replace normal lactobacilli, causing BV.”⠀

🦁Meaning, don’t let it be a summertime of sadness for your juicy pussy, instead, let’s commit to knowing her, listening to her, loving her and letting her pretty lips bbbrrrreeeeaaattthhhheeeeee. For those of you vagina-bearing beauties, here are some of my tips:⠀

🌸Let her breathe by wearing cotton or no panties (especially when you sleep)⠀

🌸Use an #ecosexy lube during sex (prevent micro tears that like hiding bacteria) and always urinate after sex (to clear your urethra)⠀

🌸Don’t be a douche. She cleans herself. See an MD if you’re experiencing discomfort⠀

🌸Wash with natural, unscented soaps and warm water, external vulva only to remove bacteria and smegma (yes. it’s a real word!)⠀

🌸Know her. Use a menstrual cycle app like @clue pay attention to what she discharges, look at her in the mirror, and be open to learning her language, like, that lower ab discomfort you’re feeling might just be ovulation⠀

🌸Less is more. You don’t need to steam clean, laser her hair or add diamond bobbles, unless you want to, but it’s not necessary. Worship of her is reccommended daily, weekly, lunar and whenever the fuck you want. ⠀

🌸Use eco-sexy menstrual products like organic, unbleached pads/tampons, silicone cups like @thedivacup @letsnixit and absorbent panties @shethinx for blood & bladder leaks⠀

🌹Keep her fresh, lubricated and orgasmic 💃🏻⠀

❤️Love You, #sohard #carlencosta #theeverydaygoddess

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