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Social Anxiety Tips

I put on a dress, denim kittens and left the house today.👗To many of us, that’s what we do or have been waiting for weeks to do! To others, who have or are feeling challenges inline with social anxiety, this is a big fucking deal. It’s not just about being “too shy”, or not just about heavily sweating “because it’s hot” when you’re about to leave the house or when faced with social situations. It’s anxiety and, it’s the most common emotional & mental health challenge among adults. 🌳 Going outside might be making you feel a lot of things, including anxiety. ⠀

😬You could be working through anxiousness if you experience: inexplicable stomach pain, excessive sweating when promoted to leave the house, throw a tantrum with any small changes to plans, find it hard to order from a restaurant or are hyper aware of every detail, in every room, of everywhere you go. I think it’s important to say out loud that 2020 is trigger city and, 70% of people have felt anxious at some point in their lives. So, if you’re feeling a little off, or like you’re standing on the edge, then use your tools like: 🧰 ⠀

🛠 Connect with a healer or mental health counselor/therapist. Talk it out. Check in. Even just one session. It feels good to talk it out. ⠀

🛠 Take a step back and get grounded again. As parts of our worlds start opening up again, we may be #allupinourfeelings about other people and any potential interactions with them. Slow down. Breathe. What’s real? What’s the story you’re feeding yourself? ⠀

🛠Move. Your. Body! Jog. Walk. Dance naked. Yoga. Lift. Stretch. Fuck more. I don’t care what you do, but get up, set a daily reminder and move. The #2020blues is real, loves. Don’t give it vacancy. ⠀

🛠Restate your boundaries. Often, if we are feeling annoyed by others, it’s because we’ve let them. It’s a good practice to refresh, and check in with yourself about what relationships and how, they aren’t working anymore or need new shifts. ⠀

✌🏼Sending love to everyone who’s doing their best today. You are dearly loved. ⠀

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